A little update

Just a little update, for some of my posts I will be interviewing others and getting their insight on how they practice self-care.  As I stated at the beginning of this process, I created this blog more for myself than anyone else.  My hope was that it would force me to become better at practicing self-care if I was more mindful by writing this blog.

With that being said, I am no expert.  So I’m going to ask others to weigh in on the conversation.  I’m constantly learning from the amazing people around me, and their wise words deserve to be shared.  So coming soon, you will see some interviews.

Once I’ve exhausted my group of wise folks, I’d love to get suggestions from you all, regarding people you know of you who impress you with their self-care/self compassion. Perhaps that person is you!  I’ve love to hear your insight and thoughts.

I will leave you today with some quotes to start your week off right!

“Self compassion is practice.  It’s a practice of returning again and again with a softened heart to one’s self, knowing that the ripple effect of that is more mighty than just about anything.”  (author unknown)

“Joy is a practice.  Seek and create extraordinary moments.” -Sherry Richert Belul

And finally….

“Self compassion isn’t honed on what you can do for you in the up times, but on what you can do for you, in spite of set backs, adversity and yeah, eff ups.”  -Nat Lue

Take care of YOU.


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