The food we eat…

I just polished off a bag of Haribo sour gummy bears and I feel refreshed and clear headed with energy for days!  Or….I feel disgusting, sluggish and slightly nauseous.

Sour gummies always seem like a good idea to me.  So do slices of pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, waffle fries, and pancakes… and while ALL these things are delicious they have never been known to serve me proudly when there is a long shift looming in front of me.  Jim Gaffigan the comedian has a bit about HOT POCKETS and says “No one ever says after they’ve eaten a HOT POCKET, ‘I’m glad I ate that’ instead they are like ‘I’m gonna die!'”  I can relate to that, especially with my gummy bear binge currently kicking back with a little acid reflux.

There are days when I think ahead and prepare lovely meals for myself and a couple of things DO happen. I end up saving money, enjoying what I’ve prepared, and not feeling the need to curl into a ball under my desk and nap post-meal.

Self-care is about emotional/mental health and physical health.  And if you or I are expecting to be our best caregiving selves after having eaten every item in the vending machine of the staff lounge, we are not paying attention.  It’s not going to cut it.  Just like taking time for yourself and your creativity is crucial to your success as a caregiver, so is taking time to prepare what you are going to eat while at work (and at home).

You know this, I know this.  The trick is doing it.


Take care of YOU.


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