Check-in on each other, nap, do your best, repeat.

Last week, I binged on all sorts of crappy food.  I thought I was alone until I heard from my fellow women all over the country, that were doing the same thing.  Between the hearing, the Cosby case, patients’ traumas, and life it was just a hard week.  I have no intention of discussing these traumas, but I do want to acknowledge that if last week made you feel like you got hit by a baseball bat, you were not alone.

We all cope differently.  I personally don’t believe there is much point in berating yourself for how you might have coped last week.  I started to go there this weekend, when my clothes felt snug and I had to throw away countless wrappers from my emotional eating session.  But then I reminded myself that I had many triumphs last week, and eating well just wasn’t one of them.  Also as a reminder (to me and you), just because I got off track last week does not mean I will never eat a piece of fruit again or a green leafy vegetable again.  It was temporary.

On Thursday I realized I needed to do some baking, something about the fall weather brings that up for me.  I yearned to follow a recipe and just not think.  So when the weekend arrived I headed off to the grocery store for all the ingredients I needed.  On my way there, I realized I didn’t have a big enough bag for all the other groceries our apartment needed.  As I started thinking about everything else I needed to pick up I could feel my joy for my upcoming baking adventure fading QUICKLY.  I made the WILD decision that I would only buy what I needed for my pie, so that I could sustain my joy.  Guess what?  It worked!  I left the grocery store in record time and got to the important business of starting my self-care project of baking a pie.


Check in on each other as we deal with all this triggering news right now.  Don’t forget naps are a thing we get to do too.  Rest is necessary always, and a powerful tool in recovery.

May this proverb carry you in the coming weeks:

“They tried to bury us, they didn’t realize we were seeds.” -Mexican proverb

Take care of YOU.




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