Happy International Self-Care Day!

Don’t worry, it was news to me too! But here it is, so just like every holiday where a big flashlight is suddenly focused on whatever the theme is, let’s embrace this holiday week by overdosing in self-care.

Where can you infuse a little more self care in your day/week? Be really specific to this particular week. It’s easier to actually act on it when you take it day by or week by week, instead of proclaiming “from now on I will…!” And remember if it’s not on your calendar you are more likely to forget or cancel on your self-care plans.

So look at your calendar right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Look at tomorrow’s plans, is there anything on your schedule that you are excited about? If yes, great! Hold yourself to it! If no, thank goodness you are looking because now is your chance to brainstorm on how to sprinkle in a little joy tomorrow. If this is hard for you, think back to a particularly great day or week you had. What about it felt joyful or rejuvenating? How can your incorporate that or a portion of that into your day?

Just a little tip: Don’t wait for the final hour of the day to finally practice self-care. You may be too spent to appreciate it.

Ok fine, one more tip: If you’re feeling “blah” try pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Talk to someone you’ve been curious to talk to, engage that senior citizen who just smiled when you looked at them, practice random acts of kindness on someone who is also looking “blah.” Allow yourself to feel nervous or excited and push through anyway. At the very least you are shaking things up again and waking yourself up to the potential of human connection that is all around you.

Ok friends, good luck this week!

Take care of YOU!


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