Lead with love not fear.

Every day we have the option to live a life lead by fear or by love.  I recently listened to Oprah’s podcast with Marianne Williamson and had a bit of an epiphany as they talked about this.  I thought back to the times in that week alone that had been particularly hard and wondered what my reactions had been rooted in, fear or love?  Turns out they had been fear based.  I took myself too seriously or took things too personally, or let negativity win.  But that’s not a way that I want to live.  That doesn’t mean that the actions of others were no longer hurtful, but I was reminded that I get to control how I want to react to them.

It’s clear what many people in power would have us do.  Fear everyone and everything.  But I warn you that if you follow suit, you will miss out.  That is a promise.  You will stop seeing the beauty that is all around you.  You will become cynical, closed off and fearful.

Beautiful moments don’t stop just because you aren’t in the mood to see them.  They are all around you.  Look up.  Look up from your phones, meet people’s eyes, greet the cashier, show them you see them, acknowledge the ignored.

I had to give a self care talk at work yesterday but was feeling a little anxious so I decided to run around the corner to grab an espresso (because anxiety and caffeine are a great combo…said no one ever).  While on my way, I saw a baby in a stroller kicking his legs with his grinning face basking in the sunlight.  I was under the same sun and yet experiencing it completely differently.

“Love is what we were born with.  Fear is what we learned here.” -Marianne Williamson

If even this small group of blog readers, decided to lead the rest of the week from a place of love rather than fear, imagine the ripple effect it’d have. I dare us.

Take care of YOU.



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