Make room for the tender and ridiculous despite the unbearable sadness.

There’s a lot of stuff happening right now globally.  Well, there always is.  But the recent Paris bombings brought a lot to light.

When heartbreaking events are brought to light it’s hard not to get bogged down with unbearable sadness.  If you are an empath, which many caregivers are, you may FEEL things in a way others do not.  You don’t just see the picture of the child refugee, you feel it.  The sadnesses we experience at work and in the news, can make any down time feel anything but restorative.

Yesterday I met a friend at Coney Island for a walk.  While I waited for her to arrive, a 5K was finishing up and I watched a family cheering on all the stragglers at the end of the race.  They didn’t appear to be waiting for anyone in particular, but just rooting these random runners to the finish line.  Each runner kept looking behind them while the family was cheering them on, convinced the cheering wasn’t for them.  Without fail, every time they realized these strangers were encouraging them, their tired faces would light right up.  As did mine.

Thirty minutes later, I watched 50-60 people jump in the freezing cold ocean, as members of the Polar Bear club of Coney Island.  It looked painful, and yet the laughter of everyone jumping in was contagious to all of us spectators.  There were three older gentleman I would estimate in their 80’s that went in together, arms around each other.  I wondered how many years they had been doing this together….

We need these moments.  We need to laugh about the ridiculous and tear up over the moving moments.  We absolute cannot ignore what’s happening in the world, but we need to repair our heartbroken souls too.  We are of no service to others, if we don’t.

So here’s to the tender and ridiculous moments!  No need to feel guilt for indulging in either, we need those to get through the harder moments.

Take care of YOU.


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