Take your sick days!

How many times have you heard someone say with pride, “I’ve never taken a sick day.” At every place I’ve worked, in various different fields, inevitably someone announces this fact with a sense of accomplishment.  Listen, I’m all about high fiving people for going above and beyond, but not taking a sick day when you are legitimately sick, is silly.

In the healthcare field, we are constantly encouraging/berating our patients to take better care of themselves.  But are we being good examples?  When you don’t take that sick day and arrive into work feeling crappy, how do you expect your patients/clients to listen to you, if you aren’t practicing good self care?

Sick days are a GIFT.  You are getting paid to feel better, to be your best self at work.  If your instinct is to feel guilt about calling out, unpack that a little bit and see what that’s all about for you.  What image of yourself are you trying to uphold? Do you think your coworkers will think less of you? Will you? Are you afraid they’ll view you as weak? Chances are you aren’t even on their radar, boo boo.  If they do judge you however, that really is more about them than you.  “What other people think of you, is not your business.”- Deepak Chopra

It’s never convenient when you get sick.  There are so many things you planned on doing, and then suddenly you are sick.  At the same time, listen to that body of yours. Perhaps it’s telling you to slow down or to just STOP.  Would you tell a loved one to go into work anyway, if they were feeling sick?  No.  Allow yourself the same courtesy.

I’ll leave you with a couple of quotes that have resonated with me when I am putting my own health on the back burner.

(I’m feeling the quotes today, bear with me!)

“I have come to believe that taking care of myself is not self indulgent.  Caring for myself is an act of survival.”  -Audre Lorde

“Givers need to set limits, because takers rarely do.” -Rachel Wolchin

Alright folks, take care of you!


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