Turn off your phone.

Caregivers are notorious for taking on the problems of others, after hours.  I’m writing this post mostly for myself right now.  I just turned off my phone so that I would stop reading the text messages that kept coming in.  As I felt myself getting more and more stressed, I allowed myself to evaluate how I was feeling.

1.) Did any of these text messages require my immediate attention?

Nope. Not one.

2.) Were any of the text messages related to me and my issues? Or were they somebody else’s issue/dilemma?

Every single one was 100% a problem someone else was having.  And yet, I had allowed my head to be consumed with their issues as I tried to send comforting/therapeutic text messages in response.

3.) What if someone really needed to get in contact with me but couldn’t?

What am I, Jesus?  No.  I’m a tired lady, who needs to relax.  I had to stop putting myself up on a pedestal as if to say, “But my people need me.” Turning your phone off for a couple hours here and there, will not throw off the balance of the universe.  It will however allow you some peace.

People all around me are going through it.  Life is hard.  But guess what, people around me and you will always be going through it.  I can promise you that.  I’m not saying that you can’t be there for your friends.  But pay attention to where you are allowing your energy to go especially when you already feel spent.

Text messages seem innocuous enough, but are they?  Have you ever read a text message that ruined your day?  Of course! Don’t underestimate their power.  Words are powerful, and one little text can be the catalyst for a ruined day off.  Same thing for phone calls. Unless I am on vacation or really rested, talking on the phone often drains the life out of me.  I have to talk to people all day long. I have to be “on” all day long.  I once calculated how many people I interacted with during one working day and it was astounding.  I also stopped counting.

How many times have you heard people talk about the freedom they have felt when they turned off their phones.  We almost feel like we are rebelling by daring to turn off our phones?!  Heaven forbid no one can get in IMMEDIATE contact with you. There are times when it’s necessary to have it with you.  But practice going without it, especially when you are decompressing and practicing self care.

Give it a shot and always….

Take care of you.


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